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Marine Loading Arms / Marine Unloading Arms for Barges and Small Ships

Lower Cost, Faster Delivery, Local Parts & Service

There’s no question that the use of articulated pipe systems for marine loading and marine unloading bulk liquid cargo from barges and small ships is the better way to complete the task.

Faster and more economical: one person can do the work of two or more in a fraction of the time and, in turn, for a fraction of the cost

Safer: the potential for injury and all its costs is reduced to its lowest when partial or full automation replaces brute strength

More environmentally responsible: no more risk of burst hoses or leaks and spills caused when hoses “get away” from their handlers

No wonder so many companies have adopted marine loading arms, often more than 20 years ago—and why many more are realizing these advantages every day. It’s also no wonder there is increasing pressure by port authorities and other government agencies to adopt the faster, safer, cleaner alternative to wrestling with flexible hoses—Carbis marine loading arms addresses these issues!

Recently, however, the only sources for marine loading arms have been offshore manufacturers. And, in light of recent events, their ability to overcome unfavorable exchange rates, huge distances, and other challenges, have left the market hungry for a domestic source.

Today, Carbis is that U.S. source—for marine loading arms that feature superior design and quality construction, as well as the rapid and dependable service and support that domestic shippers have been missing.

Our facilities in Florence and Darlington, South Carolina can ship finished marine loaders to your North American location faster than any competitor. Compared to imported marine loading arms, you’ll spend less for a U.S.-made Carbis product built to North American standards. Our US location means parts and service are closer to you as well.

We also offer a strong global presence. So, if you operate in Europe, Asia, South America, or Africa, know that you can rely on sales and service assets to provide rapid response, no matter what your requirement. This global reach is particularly important to customers who strive to capture the efficiencies of standardizing equipment and procedures around the world.

Carbis Marine Loading Arms are Built for Reliability and Ease of Use—Sized and Customized to Meet Your Specific Needs

Carbis marine loading arms for barge and small ship applications are typically custom designed and we offer the in-house capabilities to get you the right solution quickly. Our design staff includes more than 30 mechanical, structural, and industrial engineers and support staff to guide you through concept, design and material specification to achieve the right solution for your specific needs.

Our marine loading arms are based on a proven articulated piping system with three split flange swivel joints that allow a full range of motion for connections and compensation for vessel movement. Marine Arms are available in 4" to 12" piping sizes, these units can be customized in many ways to meet your specific needs for end connections, reach, and range of motion. Designs can include manual counterweights or full hydraulic operation. See the table on the right for nominal flow rates for various piping sizes.


Suitable for Nearly All Liquids

Carbis barge loading arms handle almost any fluid or non-cryogenic liquefied gas, from water through 90% sulfuric acid, petroleum products, hazardous materials, flammable materials, food grade products, and much more. We’ll help you choose from carbon steel, stainless steel or other alloys to assure the most suitable material to handle your product.
Fully Compliant with Engineering and Safety Codes

Carbis products meet all design and construction specifications for marine loading arms as detailed by the OCIMF (Oil Companies International Marine Forum). They can also meet API and NFPA requirements. Manufacturing facilities hold the range of certifications to ensure the proper design and fabrication procedures you’ll demand. These include:
  • AISC Conventional Steel Structures
  • AISC Complex Steel Building Structures
  • AWS D1.1 – D1.4
  • ASME B31.3
  • ASME B16.5
  • ASME B16.11
  • ASTM
Metallurgy and Sealing Options Assure Compatibility

Your marine loading arm can be fabricated from most ferrous alloys used in industrial process piping systems. While most are fabricated in carbon steel and stainless steel, you can specify other metals, as well.
Carbis marine loading arms feature split flange swivel joints that disassemble quickly and easily for seal change out or maintenance. A full selection of polymers is available, including:
  • Buna rubber
  • Viton®
  • Teflon® (PTFE)
  • EPDM (EPT/Ethylene Propylene)
  • Chemraz®
  • Kalrez®
  • Food grade seals and grease
    (in certain sizes)
Accessories to Enhance Operation and Safety

Your marine loading arms can be outfitted with a variety of accessories to make operation easier and safer. For hydraulic arms, we supply complete hydraulics packs with control panels. We also offer a variety of remote control units, position indicators, and over travel alarms. The emergency release coupling (see photo) is also a popular option for the utmost in safety and environmental stewardship.

The optional emergency breakaway coupling allows the loading arm to break free of a barge or ship and seal almost instantly to prevent product spills and equipment damage.

Safety Audits and Inspections

Our global leadership in safety and access extends beyond our products. We’re routinely relied upon to conduct safety audits for our customers, which include most Fortune 1000 manufacturing companies. We often serve in a unique consulting role for facility design and ongoing safety compliance programs.

Need help with a custom solution? Call us now at 1-800-291-9124